Leading gift-card suppliers and growing FMCG packaging providers Incodia have been granted the US patent for their all-paper gift card multipack.

The pack features multiple cards in a single carrier, all made from paper-based materials. The innovative design makes gifting easier for consumers while encouraging increased revenue for retailers.

Incodia applied for the US patent in 2019 to ensure protection over their invention. With the patent in place, others now cannot copy, manufacture or sell the all-paper multipack without Incodia’s permission.

They are also in the advanced stages of obtaining the European patent which would see their invention protected across the whole of Europe.

“Our multipack really stands out in the market, especially as it benefits both consumers and retailers. Getting the patent for this product was a long process so we’re thrilled to have reached this important milestone” says Paul Gerrard, Sales Director of Incodia.

As well as being beneficial for both consumers and retailers, the all-paper multipack is also a more environmentally friendly alternative to plastic cards.

Currently, the US market still widely uses plastic gift cards, leading to significant plastic waste. With their paper-based product, Incodia have created a solution to gift card plastic waste – and filled a gap in the market.

“The US is quite far behind the European market in terms of sustainability, so our eco-friendly multipack will certainly help the US market make further progress with their green agenda – especially the reduction of plastic waste” adds Paul.

Sustainability is a key priority for Incodia. In addition to their paper-based gift cards, the eco-conscious business follows a wider sustainability campaign which sees them focus on the materials and energy they consume to reduce their environmental impact.

With this new patent granted, the Essex and Lancashire-based company hopes to continue developing their eco-friendly product in the US and boost the sustainability of the overseas gift card market.

“I’d like to thank Jennifer Chambers and Scott Maxted for their contribution to the patent application – their help was invaluable! We’re looking forward to further developing this product in the UK and overseas” concludes Paul.

Incodia have been trusted by top brands, retailers and membership organisations across the globe for over 30 years.

They supply 250 million gift, loyalty and membership cards each year, using the latest digital technology and state-of-the-art machinery to deliver the highest standards and fastest lead-times.

Alongside their award-winning card business, Incodia’s FMCG packaging division is rapidly growing. They produce consumer product packaging for a range of sectors, including food, drink, toiletries and cosmetics.