Incodia, the UK’s largest supplier of gift, loyalty and membership cards, and provider of FMCG packaging, have launched a new strategy to boost their sustainability – and have gone one step further.

The 4R’s is a framework widely adopted by companies which requires them to ‘Rethink’, ‘Reuse’, ‘Recycle’ and ‘Reduce’ the materials and energy they consume to limit their impact on the environment.

However, Incodia have taken this one step further by introducing a fifth R to underline the importance of their environmental ‘Responsibility’.

“Working with leading brands and retailers, the 4R’s have always been important for our business. However, we wanted to go one step further by adding a stronger emphasis on our environmental responsibility”, says Allan Lock, Chief Executive of Incodia.

Incodia produce over 200 million cards a year and over 250 million printed items for some of the biggest brands, retailers and membership organisations. They are also growing their focus on providing FMCG packaging.

With reducing the impact on the environment at the forefront of Incodia’s business initiatives, they are doing all they can to increase their sustainability.

“We’ve been trusted by leading brands for over 30 years and are always looking to offer them more sustainable solutions. With many initiatives completed and many more underway, we continually work towards becoming a more sustainable business every day” adds Allan.

With their unique Earth Cards range, Incodia have already helped over 150 major gift card programmes transition to paperboard cards and saved over 3,500 tonnes of plastic since 2017.

A recent investment in 8-colour printing technology, die cutters and other equipment at their Essex operation has not only improved quality but significantly reduced energy and waste, with the whole printing process under one roof.

Most recently, they have switched to LED lighting throughout their production sites, another 5R initiative that will halve their annual energy consumption for lighting, equivalent to over 50 tonnes of CO2 each year.

Incodia have recently created a new division to produce FMCG packaging and are working with a number of leading clients to produce it in the most sustainable way.

“As a growing business in both cards and packaging, an increased focus on the environment is pivotal. It’s not just about having ISO accreditation; it’s about embedding the 5R’s in everything we do to provide more sustainable options for our valued clients” concludes Allan.

Further 5R initiatives are underway, such as replacing the PVC bags that hold their gift cards with recyclable paper bands.

This initiative, which will significantly reduce single use plastic from their clients’ supply chain, is another example of Incodia’s commitment to boost sustainability in the future.

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