Incodia, the UK’s largest suppliers of gift, loyalty and membership cards, and growing providers of FMCG packaging, have stepped up to help a number of industry partners manage a seasonal peak in demand.

With one of the largest printing capacities in their sector, Incodia are working closely with fellow businesses to satisfy unprecedented need for printing of both gift cards and FMCG packaging.

“Demand in summer is typically double that of quieter periods and this year is no exception. Given our recent investment in faster and more efficient technology, we’re delighted to be able to help our colleagues in the sector cope, as well as satisfying all our own customers’ needs” says Paul Gerrard , Sales Director of Incodia.

Incodia produce over 200 million gift, loyalty and membership cards each year for top brands, retailers, membership organisations and trade partners.

The summer months are typically the busiest time for the gift card industry as millions of seasonal cards and their carriers are printed ready for Christmas.

This is also true of consumer products, particularly confectionery, snacks and premium foods for which Incodia has become a growing producer of packaging.

“We pride ourselves on our dependability. Even with our own peak in workload, and many staff enjoying their well-earned summer holidays, we can deliver for our partners on time and in full” states Paul .

Incodia operate two sites in Colchester and Skelmersdale, with the Essex operations primarily used to print, whilst their Lancashire site personalises millions of loyalty and membership cards and sends them direct to consumers.

Incodia’s increased capacity to support fellow businesses within the gift card and FMCG packaging sectors is largely due to a multi-million-pound investment in printing technology.

This includes state-of-the-art 8-colour printing which has led to G7 Master Colorspace certification for colour consistency.

“We’ve invested in printing, die cutting and folding and gluing technology which has significantly increased speed and efficiency. All housed under one roof, it has also driven up sustainability by reducing logistics and energy use” adds Paul .

Despite the increase in production as they support other businesses, the printing experts report an industry-leading 99.2% of orders being produced on time and in full (OTIF).

“We’ve been trusted by many leading brands for over three decades because they have confidence in what we deliver. I think that’s why those who might otherwise be viewed as competitors have turned to us for support during this really busy time” says Paul .

In addition to physical cards, Incodia produce millions of supporting items including card carriers, membership packs and supporting letters.

With the recent establishment of their Incodia Packaging division, they now also produce hundreds of thousands of pieces of consumer product packaging each month for food brands.

“Packaging is an exciting area in which we are already gaining traction. Whether it’s direct to manufacturers or working for an existing supplier, both know they can turn to us for great packaging exactly when they need it” concludes Paul .

If you’re struggling with capacity to deliver all your customer orders in full and on time this summer or to find out more about Incodia and their services, visit: