With experience spanning nearly 30 years, Supply Chain Manager Tony has been an integral part of the Incodia team.

Since joining the Essex and Lancashire based company in 2018, Tony has been overseeing every step of Incodia’s supply chain. From purchasing the right materials to getting orders out of the door in full and on time – Tony is one of the reasons why Incodia’s supply chain runs smoothly.

“Working in a large business with clients from leading names in brand and retail means a seamless supply chain is key. By making sure everything runs like clockwork, we satisfy our customers’ needs and continue to grow client relationships.” 

Before joining Incodia, Tony spent 25 years in the supply chain industry as well as in procurement and supplier development. In his pivotal roles, Tony gained invaluable experience that he regularly draws on to ensure Incodia’s supply chains standards are maintained.

“Since I joined Incodia, we’ve seen many big changes including clients switching from plastic to paperboard cards, as part of our sustainability campaign. Investments in 8-colour printing technology, die cutters and other new technology further ensure we deliver everything quicker and more efficiently.”

With his experience running complex operations, Tony knows what it takes to successfully manage Incodia’s supply chain from start to finish.

“I have to say, our fantastic team did a stellar job maintaining a service our clients could depend on throughout the challenges of Brexit and Covid-19.”

Incodia produce over 200 million cards a year and over 250 million printed items for some of the biggest brands, retailers and membership organisations. They are also growing their focus on providing FMCG packaging.

Outside of work, Tony keeps fit with regular kickboxing and spending time with his four grandchildren. However, his passion is Rallycross racing, where he competes in the BTRDA Classic Rallycross division spanning England, Scotland and Wales.

“Running after four grandchildren keeps my mind and body active but Rallycross racing ignites a competitiveness in me – and that’s what gets me out of bed at the weekends!”