With a background in managing supply chains and delivering customer expectations, Tabetha is well-placed to grow our packaging division.

Having joined Incodia in September 2022, the main focus of Tabetha’s role is business development. However, with experience in coordinating cross-functional departments within large organisations, she is also overseeing sales, new product development and customer service.

“My role enables me to work with other key departments in the business to ensure everyone is aligned – something I believe is critical to success. Meeting and exceeding customer expectation is a crucial part of developing any business – and of utmost importance to all of us at Incodia.”

In her previous roles at large multinational organisations, Tabetha gained valuable experience in managing and building client relationships as well as overseeing multiple departments to deliver projects.

“Giving our customers what they want is about seeing things through from start to finish and making sure the quality of everything we do is up to standard. Working closely with departments like supply chain, manufacturing and finance is critical to delivering projects in full and on time, every time.”

Backed by their experience and reputation in producing gift, loyalty and membership cards, Incodia have established themselves in the packaging industry, providing bespoke packaging for leading and growing brands.

“We are trusted by customers from a wide range of sectors from FMCG to cosmetics and toiletries. I’m really excited to build on these foundations and see where we can take our packaging business in months and years to come.”

With their understanding of substrates, inks, dies and tooling as well as significant investments in state-of-the-art technology – such as their eight-colour printing press and hugely adaptive die-cutter – Incodia have the capabilities to be at the forefront of the packaging industry, now and in the future.

Outside of work, Tabetha enjoys baking when she’s not running after her two young children or demanding dalmatian Jasper. She’s currently working on her baking skills in preparation for making this year’s Christmas cake!