As Operations Manager, Richard is an expert in all things related to performance, compliance and quality control.

Richard first joined Incodia as an operator in the finishing department and his Incodia career now spans over 28 years.

“When I first started out at Incodia, the company’s main focus was on printed products for the commercial sector, until we saw an opportunity and established ourselves as the leading player in the specialised card business.”

Building on their impressive reputation in the card market, Incodia have gone on to establish a new packaging division, producing outer packaging for FMCG products in sectors including toiletries, cosmetics and confectionery.

“With our understanding of substrates, inks, dies and tooling as well as significant investments in state-of-the-art technology – such as our eight-colour printing press and hugely adaptive die-cutter – we have the drive and the capabilities to be the UK’s destination for FMCG packaging.”

With a pivotal role in the business, Richard has been instrumental in Incodia’s move into the packaging industry.

“Making sure our operations run like clock-work is paramount, especially when establishing a new business division. As Operations Manager, I get involved in lots of different aspects of the business, ensuring everything runs smoothly for our growing number of clients.”

To further develop his skillset, Richard chose to complete a printing apprenticeship, during which he was able to hone his industry knowledge.

“Completing an apprenticeship has significantly broadened my skillset in printing, which I apply to my role at Incodia on a daily basis. Having additional printing knowledge means I’m able to ensure we deliver the fast and efficient service our customers expect.”

Outside of work, Richard enjoys playing golf, in which he has achieved and sustained a single-figure handicap.

“I also love going to the zoo, or jump street, which is not necessarily my choice but my 4-year-old daughter loves it” Richard says.