Loyalty/Membership Case Study

The Tesco Clubcard it the UK’s most numerous loyalty card with over 17 million users.

When the supermarket giant wanted to offer their loyal customers contactless convenience, they turned to long-term partner Incodia.


British supermarket Tesco is the world’s third largest retailer by gross revenue and has over 4,000 stores in the UK alone.

Launched in 1995, their Clubcard is the UK’s most popular loyalty scheme. The Clubcard has been manufactured by Incodia (formally CPI Card Group) since its inception.

The loyalty card rewards customers with points whenever they make a purchase. These are converted into monetary vouchers and discounts on future purchases.

Since 2020, the Clubcard has also provided shoppers with discounts at the point of purchase on many popular items.

“We’re delighted to have made our Clubcard even simpler and easier to use by working in partnership with Incodia.”

Simon Pepperdine, Tesco – Clubcard Project Manager

“The Tesco Clubcard is an iconic loyalty programme. Only as the market leader were we able to offer Tesco the capacity and service they needed to successfully launch the contactless card and satisfy so many loyal shoppers. Incodia is very proud to be part of the programme’s legacy and success.”

Allan Lock, Incodia – Chief Executive Officer

In-Store Gift Cards

The challenge

In 2017, Tesco wanted to innovate their loyalty card by offering customers contactless connectivity.

Rather than swiping the magnetic strip through a reader, the card would use RFID technology to transfer data – increasing ease and prolonging card life. 

Creating a tap-at-till loyalty card for Tesco’s reward program would again revolutionise the way consumers interact with the brand.

With so many outlets and customers, a key part of the challenge would be the speed at which millions of cards could be produced and shoppers migrated to the new contactless Clubcard.

The solution

We utilised our industry-leading experience – and expertise in design, technology, IT, manufacturing, printing, personalisation and fulfilment – to provide Tesco with the right solution.

Our ongoing investment in leading-edge technology boosted both our capacity and capabilities – a prime example being our unique high-speed personalisation platform. It encodes the RFID chip and magnetic stripe, whilst applying drop-on-demand inkjet personalisation to both faces of the card – all in a single pass.

Our team pulled out every stop to produce, personalise and fulfil more than a million card and fob packs per week – sent direct to Tesco’s loyal customers.