Loyalty/Membership Case Study

The Cooperative Group Membership Re-card came out to tender in the summer of 2015, the product was being rebranded and changing from a CR80 card to a CR80 card with snap of fob and therefore they went out to the market to find best value and service.

Incodia as their proven daily membership card supplier for over 20 years, was asked to tender and make recommendations on improved product and service.

Incodia following these submissions was successful and awarded the contract for 5.1 million packs and the continuation of the daily fulfilment.

The Re-card work consisted of a CR80 card with snap off fob, A4 letterhead both personalised, and C5 envelope.  The daily work after the launch consists of twice weekly mailing, with the same format pack.

The CR80 card with snap off fob was a first to market as the material the Cooperative Group wanted needed to be environmentally friendly.  Following a number of tests and trials the chosen material for the card was degradable PVC.

In-Store Gift Cards

The Re-card was a huge success and credit was given to Incodia’s service and account managed process.  It launched on time with no issues and the continuation of the daily work continues to meet SLA to this day.

Since the rebrand we have continued to send out the Cooperative Groups membership packs on time in full and to the highest of standards.  We have streamlined their service and format of their packs which are now printed on demand with one of our new digital printing presses.  The format has changed to a 6pp square carrier which is inserted into a square envelope with a unique shaped window.

“In terms of the mailing, with the planning and proofing I don’t believe this could have gone any better. Between us we have achieved an amazing result. We have worked together to make identify and implement alternative solutions in order to achieve cost savings where possible, especially in relation to the storage of the finished product and on-boarding Mailmark as a postal service. In terms of the material and creative options, Incodia provided us with everything they could to produce the product our design agency had specified and went even further to suggest and proof alternative finishes.”

Coop Production Manager