Incodia Sustainable Gift Cards Save 3,500 Tonnes of PVC Plastic

Since 2017 Incodia’s more environmentally sustainable alternatives to traditional plastic gift cards have saved over 3,430 tonnes of PVC plastic.

As the UK’s largest manufacturer of gift, loyalty and membership cards, Incodia have produced over 350 million gift cards in recycled, non-plastic and paperboard materials.

Allan Lock, Chief Executive Officer for Incodia, says “Since the introduction of our Earth Card range, we’ve helped over 150 major gift card programmes transition to more environmentally friendly and sustainable materials.”

Launched in 2017, the manufacturer’s range includes FSC accredited cardboard, as well more sustainable plastics including chlorine-free PETG, recycled PETG and a biodegradable form of PVC.

The use of paper and other alternatives has grown largely in response to public concern over waste plastics, especially the contamination of seas and oceans. In a recent nationwide survey by Walnut Unlimited, 75% of shoppers said they are modifying their buying behaviour due to ethical concerns.

Allan adds “Waste plastic in all forms is rightly in the public conscience. Like all manufacturers who use plastic, we have a role to play in championing alternatives and giving our clients every opportunity to switch away from plastic and show their customers they care too.”

Previously, resistance to using materials other than traditional plastics for cards have centred on concerns over durability. However, Incodia have found attitudes rapidly changing:

“Our paperboard cards have proven a big success. As soon as brands and retailers see how hardwearing they are, and how impressed their customers are with the look and feel, they’re keen to change” states Allan.

Incodia themselves have achieved FSC certification for the sustainability of their own supply chain.

“One of the papermills that we work with uses biofuel for its energy and our new state-of-the-art Heidelberg CX printer uses less energy to limit our footprint too” comments Allan.

Tracing their history back over 30 years, Incodia is the UK’s largest supplier of gift, loyalty and RFID cards, manufacturing hundreds of millions each year for some of the best-known brands in retail, leisure, hospitality and fuel payment. They also send millions of personalised membership cards direct to customers for insurance companies, breakdown recovery, sports clubs and a wide range of other organisations and companies.

The Earth Card range is one of a number of innovations which Incodia have introduced, including their ‘Gift for Now, Gift for Later’ concept which features a branded gift and gift card.

Allan concludes “Physical cards are still the most popular choice for gift, loyalty and membership programmes. The use of paper, recycled or compostable materials gives businesses keen to stand out a real competitive advantage.”

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