Matt has perhaps one of the freshest perspectives on Incodia – as he only joined our team earlier this year and is used to a bird’s eye view as a qualified skydiver!

As you’d imagine for a company which produces and personalises hundreds of millions of loyalty and membership cards each year, technology is critical to everything we do.

Matt boasts 24 years’ IT experience gained in various sectors – most notably financial services, including payments processors like Payzone.

He now leads our IT team and manages all our infrastructure, data processing and the development of software to support our customers.

Since joining, Matt has already restructured our development team, introduced innovative new development practices, launched new applications and facilitated new services including PIN mailing.

As we handle gigabytes of personal data for our clients, successfully achieving Cyber Essentials Plus and maintaining our ISO 27001 accreditation were also top of Matt’s to-do list.

“I was attracted to Incodia by the impressive client base! It’s great seeing cards roll of the press for so many leading brands. As well as facilitating everything we do, IT gives us a competitive advantage with new products, new services and enhanced support for our clients.”

Outside work, Matt genuinely likes throwing himself out of perfectly serviceable aircraft as a qualified skydiver!

As well as being a keen runner, he’s also a big fan of horsepower – following both horse racing and Formula One.