After 32 years in the card industry, it’s fair to say Ian has an excellent understanding of our trade partners and their needs.

Ian joined Incodia 23 years ago and is a key member of our Trade Sales team based in Colchester. He works closely with trade partners who provide their own customers with printed materials and other services, including cards and carriers produced by Incodia.

From concept to implementation, Ian often works with both our trade partners and their clients to turn a great idea into a gift, loyalty or membership card programme that delivers added benefits.

“The trade is a no-nonsense area where they need quality, service and value to pass on to their own customers. I have relationships with some trade partners stretching back to my first week at Incodia in 1998! Though we often remain in the background, it’s really rewarding being able to support our partners and deliver that something extra their clients really appreciate.”

After almost 25 years with Incodia, you’d be forgiven for thinking Ian’s knows everything about cards – but Ian himself says there is always new options to explore:

“No industry stands still and we keep learning and evolving too. One positive from the pandemic is that it has accelerated innovation which we’re really keen to deliver for our trade clients and their customers.”

Outside of work, Ian is married with two daughters. He likes to keep fit in his home gym and still has dreams of stardom whilst playing his guitar and writing music.

However, both playing Wembley and achieving the body-beautiful may have to wait, as any successes are often rewarded with a speciality beer from his beer machine!