It was perhaps fate that brought Alec from Tesco to Incodia – manufacturers of the Tesco Clubcard – some 12 years ago!

Our Services Director Alec takes a lead on all things HR, IT, customer service and quality. Prior to joining us he worked for supermarket giant Tesco, for whom we produce their iconic loyalty card.

“It’s a privilege to be the director for such a diverse range of important functions here at Incodia. It gives me great satisfaction that so many trusted members of our team have developed internally with Incodia.”

Alec’s role at Incodia is one of our most varied. Beyond overseeing the support of our services and delivery, he is also responsible for maintaining compliance and the plethora of industry accreditations we hold.

Another key part of Alec’s role is as Data Protection Officer.

“Each year we personalise and send cards direct to tens of millions of consumers on our client’s behalf. Protecting data is absolutely vital and it is something I am insistent we do with the utmost care and respect.”

Alec is particularly proud of how his various teams deliver and support innovation and the development of new and exciting solutions for customers:

“We frequently step-up and deliver complex and technically challenging products and services for the blue-chip clients and brands we work with. In my 12 years we’ve seen significant developments, from plastic cards with signature panels, to sustainable paperboard cards with QR codes and contactless RFID.”

As part of his overarching and strategic role, Alec is also taking a leading role in Incodia’s newest customer solution – producing premium packaging for fast-moving food and toiletries.

Outside of work, Alec is a family man with three energetic sons – spending much of his time taxiing them to football and other activities!

In his own spare time, Alec enjoys broadening his cooking horizons by testing out recipes from different cuisines. He’s also hoping to revive his passion for experiencing other cultures and the natural world, as travel restrictions ease.