Fuel Payment Case Study

Incodia have produced cards for UK Fuels for a number of years.

When our agreement to supply their cards approached its expiry, the fuel card experts not only chose to stay with Incodia – but to take up additional services including fulfilment and print-on-demand too.

UK Fuels

Established in 1990, UK Fuels offer a more efficient way for fleet operators to buy fuel and process their expenses. By bringing fleets together, they also create price benefits through the bulk purchasing of fuel.

UK Fuels’ network includes all the UK’s major fuel stations, as well as supermarkets and bulk diesel sellers. Their cards are accepted at over 10,000 sites in the UK, including leading names like Esso, Shell and BP.

Incodia have historically produced a full range of cards for UK Fuels, including cards featuring the brands of many of the global fuel companies with which they partner.

UK Fuels’ cards can be found in the wallets and cabs of thousands of drivers across the UK and Europe – helping them to securely pay for fuel and reduce costs.

“We’ve partnered with Incodia for a number of years and it made sense to extend our contract, whilst adding the additional services that Incodia have on offer.”

Jen Simpson, UK Fuels – Head of Cards

“We’re delighted to extend both the contract and services we deliver for UK Fuels. It’s a great example of how we satisfy eery need and make the transition smooth and effortless. Our team worked hard to bring the project together – on time and to their exact specifications.”

Paul Gerrard, Incodia – Sales Director

In-Store Gift Cards

The challenge

UK Fuels were looking to close their in-house fulfilment operation based in Crewe. Rather than personalising and sending cards to customers themselves, they now sort a partner to deliver card fulfilment too.

The diversity of UK Fuels’ services and partnerships meant they needed someone who could develop fuel cards for an array of customers and applications, including HGVs, coaches, vans and cars – as well as use across Europe and by both the private and public sectors. 

The solution

Having worked closely with UK Fuels for many years – and with our dedicated card personalisation and fulfilment centre in Lancashire – we were confident we could meet and exceed their needs.

In addition to manufacturing their cards – and personalising them with each customer’s data – our significant investment in new technology enables us to provide them with the benefits of print-on-demand. Rather than holding large stocks of costly pre-printed stationery and letters, we’re able to instantly print supporting paperwork using the latest digital print technology.

Our experienced IT team carefully planned and delivered the safe and secure migration of personal data from UK Fuels’ systems to our own – ensuring every care was taken to protect their customers’ details.

UK Fuels new 5-year agreement with Incodia satisfies all their card requirements including production, personalisation, print-on-demand fulfilment and PIN mailing.